Kaunas Jesuit High School

Kaunas Jesuit High School is the oldest school in Kaunas, established in 1649. Currently (in 2019), KJG educates 810 students, employs 80 teachers and 32 employees. School‘s mission is to creating a Christian community on the basis of Jesuit Education and to develop a creative, responsible and well educated person, a citizen of a democratic country, who devotes his/her talents to the service of God and the society, and strives for social justice. Currently the school has 789 students and 76 teachers. In 2013 the school started International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, which successfully sets higher education standards, improves cultural diversity and tolerance of the community, and attracts students to the school where the focus is not only on intellectual excellence but also pays a lot of attention to the spiritual growth.

KJHS students nurture ambitions of being:


We are proud of:

Robotics teams. Kaunas Jesuit High School robotics team “PHOENIX” is a multiple time national champion as well as World championship 2nd place winner. The team constantly participates in championships in Europe and United States of America, presents their created robots and innovative ideas to their peers, and judges.

Debate club. Our debate club members are constantly counted among the best in Lithuania and every year represent the school and the country in World School Debate Championships around the globe.

Choir and instrumental group. Our choir “Venimus” is an annual participant of Lithuanian Song festival as well as other singing events. Every year the choir together with instrumental group sings in KJHS charity.

Sports teams. As all kinds of sports are popular in Lithuania, we have many strong teams, which every year successfully participates in schools’ championships. Volleyball, basketball, athletics, chess are the most popular ones.

Our international connections:

  • JEEP (Jesuit European Educational Project). Partners from: Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Croatia, France, Poland and Spain
  • Erasmus+ project "Refugees Matter: from Challenges to Opportunities" Partners from: Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Tukey
  • Erasmus+ program „Denk mal - Denkmal“ Partners from: Finland, Latvia, Germany, Bulgaria
  • Erasmus+ program „Villes d‘Europe: miroirs d‘hier et reflets de demain“ Partners from France, Bulgaria, Romania
  • Long-term partnership with Aloisiuskolleg from Bonn Germany
  • Long-term (26 years) partnership with Willibald gymnasium from Germany, Bavaria, Eichstätt city
  • Long-term partnership with Saint Ignatius Collage Prep, Chicago, USA
  • Project “Jesuit and History”. Partners from Malta, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Albania and Kosovo

Our student missions in developing countries:

Magis mission in Kenya, Mashuuru parish (7 participants from school)

Magis mission in India, Thirumanur, Tamil Nadu (7 participants from from school)

Our biggest dream is to build a Multifunctional sports and science hall will allow Kaunas Jesuit High School to accept more students in addition of drastically improve learning conditions:

  • Increase the number of students from 810 to around 950
  • Reduce the number of students in one class from 30 to 26
  • Establish a primary school
  • Build a basketball court according to FIBA requirements, which will fit 800 spectators for various sporting events such as basketball tournaments, volleyball and badminton matches, fitness workshops
  • Create a space for cultural community events like graduation, parents and grandparents day etc.
  • Set up new STEAM laboratories for biology, chemistry, physics, robotics and mechatronics
  • Develop a new canteen and lounge zone
  • Restore 16th century cellars, which will be adapted for the community use and become an attraction for Kaunas city tourists